Climate Observing Team 2017

The Arctic summer is fast approaching and this year, Lauren Farmer, Alex Cowan and Annette Bombosch will be back on board Russian icebreaker 50 let Pobedy as expedition staff with Poseidon Expeditions. They are looking forward to 2 return cruises from Murmansk to the North Pole, where they intend to record, for a 3rd consecutive season, visual observations of the sea ice including extent, ice type, thickness and degree of melt. This year, in addition to sea ice data, they will be recording meteorological observations including cloud coverage, surface temperature and relative humidity for the GLOBE Observer program. They are thrilled to once again be working with International Arctic Research Center's Ice Watch and for new collaborations with the Norwegian Ice Service and NASA. As in seasons past, all data collection will be completed with the valued participation of guests on board. 

Alex Cowan is a geologist trained at the University of Cambridge, with a research history in carbon sequestration, potash mining and igneous processes. He is passionate about the natural world and the romance of the polar regions. When not on expedition cruise ships he can be found with either skis or sticky rubber on his feet.

Lauren Farmer is a photographer and field guide with a background in digital marketing strategy. She's honored to be a part of the growing citizen science movement within the polar tourism industry and is looking forward to another season in the far North! 

Annette Bombosch is a biologist by training and studied the habitat suitability of cetaceans in the Southern Ocean for her PhD. She has a deep passion not only for whales, but also for the conservation of our polar environments. Annette is thrilled to get guests involved and excited about citizen science by collecting valuable information on sea ice and meteorology, which will contribute to a better understanding and protection of the Arctic - a truely remote and fragile environment of our planet.