The Polar Citizen Science Collective aims to empower the polar tourism industry to make valuable contributions to scientific research.

Through long-term collaborations with scientific organizations, coordination with participating vessels, development of standardized project protocols, training of data collectors, distribution of data and when possible, delivery of feedback, the Polar Collective facilitates ship-based citizen science programs from start to finish. 

With existing programs spanning ornithology, marine biology, microplastics, atmospherics, glaciology and sea ice, expedition vessels are proving successful as respected platforms for science. With growing enthusiasm from tour operators and expedition teams, we hope to facilitate the expansion of these efforts to all vessels in the polar tourism industry. 

Finally, we believe that when guests participate in these programs, they contribute to a greater understanding of the region in which they travel. Through this heightened level of commitment, they become true ambassadors, returning home to champion for the protection of our planet's most fragile ecosystems.

Get involved. We look forward to helping you make a difference. 

What is citizen science? We're glad you asked